Sci-Fi Horror Phantaruck Launches Today on Steam

Get your fix of sci-fi terror with this new spine-chilling survival horror game

Polyslash’s sci-fi survival horror game Phantaruk will be available to play from today on Steam. The Polish developer aims to deliver an atmospheric and “chilling” story as the player explores an abandoned space ship, hunted by an evil from the shadows.

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Combining survival horror with adventure and stealth mechanics, it isn’t long before you’ll come to realize that on this apparently abandoned research vessel, you are not in fact alone. Remnants of shady experiments roam the halls and a parasitic infection is causing havoc on your body, draining your strength and forcing you to constantly struggle for survival.

In terms of style, Phantaruk seems to have taken some cues from the Alien franchise, with a little bit of Doom and Dead Space thrown in for good measure. You won’t be running around with guns though; Phantaruk seems to be shooting instead for the helplessness and genuine terror that players experienced in Alien: Isolation. In this vein, gameplay will primarily rely on stealth and awareness of surroundings in order for the player to survive the horrors of space.

A PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of Phantaruk is reportedly in the works, though no release date has been confirmed as of yet.

Be sure to check out the Phantaruk website if you’d like to keep up to date on the game’s news!

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