Sci-Fi Shooter Disintergration Maneuvers Into Release Formation

Get ready to hop on your gravcycle. Disintegration sets up for a June release date.

Private Division and V1 Interactive have today announced that their upcoming first-person shooter, Disintegration, will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on June 16 for $49.99.

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The sci-fi shooter sets to infuse real-time strategy elements with its first-person shooter gameplay. Set on a world sparse of resources and on the brink of extinction, Disintegration sees a world in which humans have transferred their brains in robotic beings. It’s up to the player to gain control of the planet and survive its harsh landscape.

Disintegration also hosts a multiplayer mode which will be supported with post-launch DLC and seasonal content drops.

V1 Interactive and Private Division had this to say about the plot:

Players command Romer Shoal, an incredibly-skilled Gravcycle pilot, who leads a small band of outlaws to fight back against an overwhelming Rayonne force.

Over the course of a thrilling single-player campaign, players will control a Gravcycle loaded with weaponry, leading Romer and his team across a series of diverse missions packed with action, explosions, and plot twists, to beat back the Rayonne forces and give the last vestiges of humanity hope to prevail.

Marcus Lehto, President and Game Director at V1 Interactive had this to say about the upcoming release:

I’ve always been a gameplay-driven storyteller, and with Disintegration, I wanted to create a compelling narrative built around mechanics that haven’t been done before. It’s in my DNA to create memorable characters and rich worlds that go beyond a standard FPS experience. I’m so excited that players get to be a part of it soon.

Kari Toyama, Lead Producer at Private Division also echoed Lehto’s thoughts:

The gameplay mechanics and exciting lore from the campaign are cranked up a few notches in Disintegration’s competitive multiplayer, and it’s an absolute blast. The team at V1 Interactive are putting a ton of fun and personality into the multiplayer through the different Crews, each of which have their own look and approach to combat.

Fans looking to pre-order the game will receive bonus cosmetic digital content for multiplayer gameplay, including a unique Lost Ronin Midnight crew skin, Flex emote, Disintegration Medal Gravcycle attachment, and platform-exclusive animated player banners.

You can pre-order the game on the official Disintegration website, Steam, and the Microsoft Store. The game is not available for pre-order on the PlayStation Store as of this writing. 

For more on Disintegration, check out our early impressions of the game, and stay tuned to GameSkinny for all information and guides when Disintegration releases next month!

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