This addition to the Scribblenauts series will pack two new social modes to the series.

Scribblenauts Showdown Announced for Switch, PS4, and Xbox One

This addition to the Scribblenauts series will pack two new social modes to the series.

The newest title in the Scribblenauts franchise was recently announced by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment which will be called Scribblenauts Showdown. They will be bringing it to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on March 9th. 

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There will be three modes you can play, first is the Showdown mode which is a 4 person competitive mode where you try to complete word based mini-games and speed mini-games which require you to have a vast knowledge on the expansive Scribblenauts dictionary and to complete challenges fast as you can. The second way you can play is versus mode which will have two players face off against each other in 25 different mini-games and will vary on each play session this mode is also playable in single player. The last and traditional way of playing Scribblenauts is sandbox mode. Like in all the previous titles, sandbox mode will allow you to be creative and think of crazy outcomes on eight different levels and will feature co-op.

This game will feature achievements and unlockables. It will also include a “create a character” which will be in the traditional Scribblenauts style and will also have unlockable outfits as you play the game. Still, no word if the Nintendo Switch edition will feature HD rumble support.

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