The development team behind SCUM are hard at work bringing vehicles and heart attacks to the game.

SCUM Adding Heart Attacks and Vehicles

The development team behind SCUM are hard at work bringing vehicles and heart attacks to the game.

What was missing from intense survival game, SCUM? Heart attacks. The developers behind the game recently sat down with PC Gamer during PAX Austraila to discuss how they’re going to put an end to the sin of overeating, and a new community post on Steam describes two vehicles will release in their next patch.

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For those who don’t know, a player is sharing his gluttonous adventures on Reddit on how he’s attempting to have the fattest character in SCUM. His most recent post weighed his character in at 400KG, which you can see here.

The developers have taken notice of his progress. To address the fact that a real person would have likely had a heart attack by this point, they’re going to include it. Though, the developers did not note when this was going to occur. It won’t be in the next patch.

What is coming to SCUM‘s next patch may bring several players who were previously frustrated by how long it took to travel around the entire map. A new community post on Steam shows the development team’s progress on adding vehicles to the game. As of right now, they only have a simple SUV and a tractor. Once they get the physics down, they’ll likely start to add more.

Closer to the bottom of the community post we can see they’re almost ready to release bows and arrows, which should make the game vastly more interesting during the earlier stages.

Do not consider any of the material shown in the community post as upcoming patch notes. The developers want to stress they’re hard at work getting these things in the game, but it’s taking time. There won’t be a new patch this week as they attempt to test out all of these new features.

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