We get a glimpse at a playable Sea of Stars character as the Messenger prequel's Kickstarter comes to a close.

Sea of Stars Introduces Garl, the Warrior-Cook

We get a glimpse at a playable Sea of Stars character as the Messenger prequel's Kickstarter comes to a close.

The Sea of Stars Kickstarter campaign wraps up soon, and Sabotage Studios treated everyone to a new first look. We already know a bit about the Messenger prequel‘s protagonists, Valere and Zale, and now we get a glimpse of their best friend and companion Garl.

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The profile was posted on Sea of Stars‘ Kickstarter page, and Gematsu first picked up on it.

Unlike Valere and Zale, Garl has no special powers. While that didn’t do much to hamper their friendship, it did cost Garl his left eye during an encounter with the Fleshmancer’s minions — an encounter only his friends had the ability to overcome. So, Garl was separated from his friends for his own safety.

Since he was still a resident of Mooncradle, the town responsible for raising and training the Solstice Children, he was taught special skills to make him useful for his friends — but just the one.

Garl is all about preparing wholesome meals for his friends, doing whatever he can to support them, keep their strength up, and boost morale. He can’t fight like Valere and Zale, but he does take up defense in battle.

Even though Garl isn’t a Solstice Child, his kindness hints at a different destiny for him as one who can “soothe a long tormented soul.”

The wait for Sea of Stars will probably be a long one, with a 2021 release window being all we have for now. While it’s a painful wait, we’re very much looking forward to seeing how Sea of Stars develops along the way — especially the soundtrack.

You can check out the Kickstarter update on the Updates page, and the original story is over on Gematsu.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Sea of Stars news as it develops.

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