Seagate Unveils 2TB Game Drive for the PlayStation 4

Seagate's new PS4-specific hard drive will help players free up space and carry their games with them wherever they go.

Seagate's new PS4-specific hard drive will help players free up space and carry their games with them wherever they go.

PlayStation 4 players in dire need of extra drive space, but who might be concerned about getting a drive that will easily work with the system, have something to look forward to. Yesterday, Sony and Seagate unveiled a 2TB external hard drive specifically for the PlayStation 4 system.

Title the Game Drive, the new HDD is optimized for use with the PS4 and is officially branded to go alongside the system.

Reportedly, the drive is easier to set up than other third-party solutions and uses a USB cable to connect to the system. It’s lightweight and portable, and best of all will have enough space for approximately 50 average-sized games, freeing up some of the space on the PS4’s internal drive.

For those concerned that playing games from an external drive will cause issues such as stuttering or delays, for example, Seagate promises there won’t be any difference between it and the PlayStation 4’s internal drive. So anyone using it will experience full-speed gaming. 

The compact design, coupled with the fact that the drive has been optimized to work with every model of PS4 running system update 4.50 or higher allows players to take the drive with them everywhere they go. Seagate Game Drive owners should note that they will need to be logged into their account on any system they elect to use the drive on since save files won’t be transferrable to the drive. 

Price-wise, the Seagate Game Drive is a bit expensive compared to other 2TB external drives. A quick look at Amazon shows starting prices between $60 and $70, although some do skew higher. In comparison, the Seagate Game Drive will run $89.99 when it’s made available sometime next week. 

It’s worth noting that Sony just revealed that it will be expanding its cloud storage size to 100GB in February for PlayStation Plus subscribers.  

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