Sega Announces Total War: Attila For 2015

Sega announces Total War: Attila, coming to PC and Mac in February 2015.

Sega announces Total War: Attila, coming to PC and Mac in February 2015.

Sega officially announced the next game in their Total War franchise, Total War: Attila, coming out on PC and Mac in February 2015.

Attila is the ninth installment of the Total War series. The hybrid of turn-based strategy with real-time tactical elements takes place after the events of Total War: Rome II as the Dark Ages approach, according to the press release.

In the great steppes of Scythia, a vast and terrifying force gathers, led by a warrior king whose thirst for conquest is utterly unequalled. The Scourge of God, the very herald of the apocalypse, Attila the Hun.

Total War: Rome II sales and reception

Total War has been a bigger hit in Europe than the United States, but the series’ latest installment, Rome II, has been the biggest commercial success. It already outsold all the previous releases on its first day thanks to a huge volume of preorders. As of this spring, that game sold 1.13 million copies in Europe and North America combined.

Gamers may be a little bit skeptical this time around. Rome II was plagued with a large number of technical bugs and glitches such as installation issues, crashing, broken AI, and consistently poor game performance. Commentors of various articles posting about the announcement are a little worried that this is more of an expansion because of when and where it takes place, and Sega is selling it as a full price game.

What are your thoughts surrounding the announcement of Total War: Attila? Will you be preordering the game despite some early worries?

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