In a recent interview, head of Sonic Team Takashi Iizuka discussed the odds and factors that may determine a third "Adventure" title.

SEGA Discusses the Future of Sonic Adventure 3

In a recent interview, head of Sonic Team Takashi Iizuka discussed the odds and factors that may determine a third "Adventure" title.

The Sonic Adventure games were the first two fully 3D installments in the mainline Sonic the Hedgehog series. Many fans of the Sonic feel that the Adventure formula was one of the best (if not the best) style of gameplay that Sonic has had in all of his 3D outings — often citing elements such as consistent controls and intriguing stories. While not a unanimous opinion, some people even consider Sonic Adventure 2 the peak of the Sonic series in 3D.

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Many people have been hoping for a third installment in the Adventure style. But as time has gone on, more and more vastly different 3D Sonic games have been released — and the possibility only seems less and less likely. Unfortunately for these fans, it seems as though a third Adventure title just officially became even less likely.

In a recent interview with Polygon, head of Sonic Team Takashi Iizuka stated: 

“I hear people saying that they want Adventure 3, but the path that we’re on and … Adventure 3, what fans want that to be, might not be an advancement of the series… So I don’t want to do an Adventure 3 and step the franchise back just to give the fans what they want… From the developer standpoint, every Sonic game that we’re making is taking new steps and advances, furthering the game in a new direction, and that’s dictated where the Sonic series has been going…

If we can get the gameplay to evolve and get to a place where Adventure 3 makes sense, then you might see an Adventure 3 come out… But we don’t want to take the entire series back to where it was just make people happy. We want to advance the idea of what a Sonic game is.” 

There is still a chance for Sonic Adventure 3, but unless Iizuka and the rest of the team see it as an advancement or evolution for the franchise, they won’t do it just because fans want it. This doesn’t mean that there’s no chance that it will ever happen, but at the very least it doesn’t seem as though we’ll be seeing Adventure 3 any time soon.

How do you feel about this statement from Sonic Team? Disappointed that Sonic Adventure 3 might never come to fruition? Let us know down in the comments!

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