Sega Shows Off Yakuza 7 Job Classes

Yakuza 7 finally has a firm release date, and Sega offers a look at some of the game's zany job classes as well.

Yakuza 7 finally has a firm release date, and Sega offers a look at some of the game's zany job classes as well.

Sega recently announced the Yakuza 7 release date on Twitter for most platforms, with a job class trailer accompanying the announcement.

The job class trailer highlights some of the basic moves and over-the-top special attacks from a handful of Yakuza 7‘s 19 jobs.

There’s the Break Dancer, which should be familiar to anyone who’s played Yakuza Kiwami and encounter Breaker Majima. The Idol’s backup dancers attack foes with glow sticks, while the Host brings down the establishment on clients. The Dealer looks like a support class, with a roulette wheel determining what kind of attack or status effect opponents get hit with.

Then there’s the Musician class, befuddling enemies with song and dance, and the Chef, who bashes foes with kitchenware and adds salt to the wound by literally heaping a generous measure of it onto fallen foes. 

Yakuza 7 features a number of firsts for the series.

It’s the first traditional turn-based RPG set in the Yakuza universe. It’s also introducing a brand-new set of playable characters with Ichiban Kasuga and his ragtag band of followers, and it’s the first modern game in the series to include full English voice acting. 

Yakuza 7 releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Steam on November 13. As reported previously, Yakuza 7 is also getting a PlayStation 5 version, though it won’t release until March 2, 2021.

Yakuza 7 pre-orders with a slew of different bonuses are open now ahead of the game’s November 13 launch. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Yakuza 7 news as it comes crashing in.

*Editor’s note: This article has been updated with the latest release information for Yakuza 7.

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