SFV DLC character Alex is only temporary

Street Fighter V DLC Alex is here for a trial period.

Street Fighter V DLC Alex is here for a trial period.

Alex, the DLC character who released with Street Fighter V’s most recent update, is here only for a trial period. As mentioned in yesterday’s SFV updates article that the Zenny store isn’t accessible in this set of updates, but newcomer Alex is available. However, it turns out Alex is only available for a short time.

Zenny is purchased with real money, and Capcom wants to make sure it is fully functional before launching it. There is still no ETA on the Zenny store. This is difficult news for gamers to swallow — especially those who want to purchase DLC characters such as Alex. To combat this minor setback, Alex will be available for a trail period for free until the Zenny store is up and running; this applies to all DLC characters. *Cha-ching*

This is good news, only until the Zenny shop launches afterwards, the DLCs will disappear and be available for purchase with Fight Money, Zenny, or via the Season Pass. Anything purchased with Fight Money or earned during this trial period will be saved after the Zenny shop is functional. What good are the costumes if you don’t have the characters?

Season Pass users will be the only ones to keep premium costumes and characters after the Zenny shop is available. They also get a brand new stage somewhere in the near future.

 Capcom hasn’t forgotten about us little people! Due to all the problems during the beta phases the Ryu and Chun-Li’s story mode costumes are available for free during the update on the 30th. The value on their costumes equals 80,000 Fight Money, which is almost the full value of a DLC character.

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