Pre-Alpha Gameplay of Prey For The Gods offers a bit of hope for those who wanted Shadow of the Colossus 2.

Shadow of the Colossus’ “Spiritual Successor” Prey For The Gods’ Gameplay Trailer Released

Pre-Alpha Gameplay of Prey For The Gods offers a bit of hope for those who wanted Shadow of the Colossus 2.

No Matter, the studio behind Prey For The Gods, released a trailer showcasing some pre-alpha gameplay of their upcoming title. In Prey For The Gods, players take control of a hero who lives on an island trapped in perpetual winter.   

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With only the clothes on your back, you must find out the cause of the never-ending snowstorms, and defeat the Gods of your people which inhabit the island. Exploration can be dangerous in Prey For The Gods. Deeper snow will cause you to become more fatigued and hungry. Players must hunt for food, and scavenge equipment from fallen heroes who died testing themselves against the islands’ monstrous inhabitants.

Defeating the giants can be done in different ways, using different items. Players can take the behemoths on directly, climbing them using grappling hooks and their bare hands. Combat can be just as lethal for equipment as it is for the players. Swords break and arrows are finite, so time must be set aside in order to replenish your arms by exploring the environment.  

Development on Prey For The Gods started out back in 2014 with only three people working on the game. Since then, the staff has not grown, but the game is shaping up to be what fans of titles like Shadow of the Colossus have been waiting for. 

Prey For The Gods currently has a Kickstarter campaign which has 20 days left to reach its goal of $300,000. No Matter only needs $70,000 more to hit the mark. People who donate can receive a good amount of in-game rewards like exclusive costumes, and even a personal statue for more generous backers.

Prey For The Gods does not have a concrete release date, but the developers are shooting for sometime in 2017. As of now, it will only be released for PC and Mac.


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