New organization NRG eSports finds investors in the traditional sports arena.

Shaquille O’Neal invests in NRG eSports

New organization NRG eSports finds investors in the traditional sports arena.

NRG may be new to the eSports scene, but they have attracted some serious attention this week. The organization has three new investors whose names you’re probably familiar with: Shaq, A-Rod and Jimmy Rollins.

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It might seem odd that traditional sports players are investing in eSports, but fostering connections between the two worlds can only be good for the continued growth of eSports. And it’s not like these players don’t have any connections to the eSports world. Rollins is a League of Legends player, and Shaquille O’Neal is involved with the ELEAGUE competition hosted by Turner Sports.

NRG was formed in 2015, and currently has two teams: one for League of Legends and one for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Their League team is competing in the North American LCS for the Spring 2016 Split. The players are both LCS veterans and Challenger players, and are currently standing at 8W-8L. Their CS:GO team is doing pretty good too, ranking 5th in America according to GosuGamers.

Acquiring solid teams for two of the biggest eSports around, and getting Shaq to invest in your organization? Not too shabby for the new kid on the block.

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