Shards Online released its new Steam Greenlight trailer

The new trailer for Shards Online is up on Steam, and it looks really spiffy.

Shards Online, a game which “gives you the keys of the universe”, has released its Steam Greenlight trailer — and it looks promising.

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The trailer showcases the ‘God Control’ features that the company promised. They hope the trailer generates enough buzz to push it over into Early Access. Derek Brinkman, the Citadel Studios founder and CEO, was very excited for the release.

“We’re nearing ever closely to the Steam early access launch and we thought ‘What better way to show the world what we’ve been working on than with an epic new trailer.'”

The trailer shows a few other things: animal taming, house crafting, skill development, and pretty decent graphics to go along with it. It seems players will eventually be able to craft dungeons for others to run through, which is the main selling point of the game. The world is pretty generic as far as fantasy themes go, but dragon — or World of Warcraft — fans should be happy with it.

They are currently doing stress testing on the servers, to ensure players will have a good run when they first log in.

“We’re ecstatic to see how players adapt to our unique sandbox gameplay, our boundless skill progression, and the idea of entire worlds, created, modded and run by player-gods.” 

– Derek Brinkman

Citadel hopes to have Shards Online in beta by Spring 2017, but first it needs to actually get up on Steam. Let’s hope it happens quickly.

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