Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse release date finalized for North America

No word on Europe's release however.

The latest trailer for Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse finally gave a concrete release date of September 20th of this year for North America. Not only that, but more details were unveiled about the game.

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Specifically, we got to see the newest characters that could join the main hero. Returning from the previous game as possible allies are three of the five samurai characters: Isabaeu, Navarre (who has died off-screen and come back as a ghost), and the main character of the last game, Flynn. Another familiar character is Nozomi. While she didn’t have a character portrait in the previous game, she became the new leader of Fairy-type demons in a quest.

There are plenty of new characters to join in the battle against demons as well — such as Gaston, the leader of a group of samurai known as the Crusaders and the younger brother to Navarre. More in-depth information about the characters and story can be found on their website.

Other notable details are how the main character is called by name, and it is voiced. In the previous game, players had the option of picking their own name, and were referred to as “samurai.” Oddly enough, the main hero’s name, Nanashi, also means “Nameless.” Flynn also has his own voice as well, and will not be a silent protagonist.

Publisher Deep Silver, now responsible for publishing games from Sega to Europe, has confirmed a physical and digital release. However, there’s no word yet on an EU release date. North America is also confirmed to have a physical and digital release.

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