Shiro Games Releases New Strategy RTS Northgard on Steam Early Access

Having developed the critically acclaimed Evoland and Evoland II, Shiro Games has set out to conquer the indie RTS scene with Northgard.

Having developed the critically acclaimed Evoland and Evoland II, Shiro Games has set out to conquer the indie RTS scene with Northgard.

Bordeaux, France-based Shiro Games has announced the release of its newest strategy RTS, Northgard, on Steam Early Access. Available today for $17.99 (normally $19.99), Northgard sets players on a journey of exploration, where they control a band of Vikings in search of new (if unforgiving) lands to colonize.

Predicated on exploration, combat, resource gathering, and base-building, Northgard imbues its world and gameplay with deep-rooted Norse mythology. Players will not only battle the harsh elements of winter, but they will also come toe-to-toe with hordes of undead warriors, giants, dragons, and many other eldritch Norse terrors as they toil to build a new home on an unknown continent. 

Nicolas Cannasse, Shiro Games’ co-founder, is excited to not only bring the team’s vision to Steam Early Access, but to also get the community’s feedback and advice on how Northgard currently plays – and how Shiro can improve it moving forward. In a press release provided by Shiro Games, he said:

“We have always been fans of strategy and simulation games, and with Northgard we have taken what we think are all the best bits, and added a lot of cool Viking themes and fantasy to the mix.

Launching on Early Access will allow us to get direct feedback from our players which we’ll use in fine-tuning the development of Northgard. Not only that, we’ll also be bringing lots of cool new features to the game in the coming months, like new clans to play around with and a story driven campaign amongst other things.”

Having developed the beloved and critically acclaimed Evoland and Evoland II, Shiro Games is no newbie when it comes to creating highly complex and mechanically sound games. Already, Northgard has received a “Very Positive” rating on Steam, with more than 260 users having reviewed the game so far.

Northgard currently has three playable factions, five jobs for Vikings to pursue (merchant, warrior, farmer, sailor, loremaster), and four methods of victory (conquest, fame, lore, and trading). You can learn more about the game by visiting Northgard’s Steam page.

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