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New Headset Literally Shocks You Into Being A Better Gamer

New Headset Literally Shocks You Into Being A Better Gamer

The future is here. Now, with a little electricity applied to your prefrontal cortex, you can become a better gamer.

Using a technique called transcranial direct-current stimulation the all new headset sends a small current through your brain to stimulate learning, memory, and marksmanship skills by increasing your brain’s plasticity and making synapses fire faster. The headset was designed by mechanical engineers Martin Skinner and Michael Oxley after reading about the technique in a few articles the year before. The headset was revealed last week at HAXLR8R (hack-celerator), a start-up program that gives $25,000 to ten teams to work on a hardware-based product.

The headset sends out a small current of about 0.8 – 2.0 mA, a little more than a hearing aid. For safety the headset only runs for about 10 minutes at a time before cutting itself off, and is only recommended for adults 18 or older. For all of you smart phone users they have made an app to control the headset by setting when and how it turns on, but in the event your cell phone dies it can also be controlled by a switch on the back. The app is currently only for IOS but is being developed for Android too. The device also comes with a rechargeable battery so you won’t have to constantly buy batteries.

I am personally very excited to try out this product. Everyone who wants their hands on this headset can order now on their company’s website for $250 plus shipping, with plans to ship out in July of this year.

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