Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol Flying: By Jove I Think He’s Got It, T’would Be Free To Play!

The quite unfathomable notion of INS4NITY W00F sporting his British accent in jovial folly regarding the indubitably enticing new game that free to download and play! Game on chaps!

The quite unfathomable notion of INS4NITY W00F sporting his British accent in jovial folly regarding the indubitably enticing new game that free to download and play! Game on chaps!

Good afternoon my fine fellows, it seems one such as I would have the most spiffing news to exchange unto you all! Formerly my usual abundance of insanity is left in abandon for a tone more fitting of the topic. You may have noticed such an intellectual vocabulary or perhaps a few  stereotypical words slung into play at the very ideal of top notch Brittishery!

Although to some extent you may indeed inquire as to why this is the case, I fear now elaboration shall be put into effect quite sharpish. Given the governing circumstances of my social trends one may assume I am merely playing around, this is quite the faffing case I would add, indubitably my fellows.

An acquaintance of mine truly has proposed in light jest unto one such as I, that the adoption of a very British tone would be a very jovial thing indeed to attain in one of my articles and thus he shall have it I say, considering us Brits apparently invented flying I do insinuate before you ponder on this tones relevance! But oh no dear readers, this is not the only case, as today I have indeed been reading “Sir Courage Wolf Esquire” memes in their mammothic abundance!

Now with my splendifferous rudimentary explanation aside I shall continue to the matter at hand! Hark! you may say, and to what would this exceptionally interesting individual have to convey unto us? Well my dear chap’s and ladies, I shall inform you that Sid Meir, creator of some smashing games that you may have played before in your jolly good lifetimes has now come to bear upon you the notion of a new game.

Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol

Such a beautiful piece of nothing less than turn based art would have you frothing at the mouth for aeronautical fun! I am aware you have four different nations to play as in the First World War. The turns are accompanied by all sorts of maneuvers and orders, a pass the pad multiplayer mode, 120 missions with upgradeable planes,  and oh golly gosh, did this blighted chap forget to include that…

This phenomenal show is free to play from the app store old bean?

Tally ho you phenomenal audience, T’would seem chaps, that I have to go put on my flight goggles. And with a salute I shall leave you to it my readers, The skies call for some more typical exploitation of my countries stereotype via screaming cliche phrases at the top of my lungs, and sporting some rather dashing crumpets.


…And a scone or five would not go amiss.

I would also add friends, many of us British do not actually speak and make such references, this stereotype has been invalidated for nearly two centuries, WHAT WHAT!?! 

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