SimCity AI and Population a Bit Borked: Users Break it Down

The servers may be more stable, but all is not right in the world of SimCity.
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Have you noticed that your sims move a bit illogically in the newest SimCity? One keen-eyed player has paid a lot of attention to how sims move and operate, and their patterns are unrealistic to say the least.

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EA Answer HQ user cynicaldriver did some detective work, watching sims and vehicles travel about town. Some of his discoveries may be depressing to those of you looking for some realism in your city-building.

They fill the job, and the next worker goes to the next building and fills that job, and so it goes until all the jobs are “filled.” So, when you have all your “worker” sims leaving their houses for work in the morning, they all cluster together like some kind of “tourist pack” until they have all been sucked into “jobs.” They don’t seem to care if the job is Commercial or Industrial, only that it’s a job.

You MUST put casinos RIGHT next to the entrance to your city if you want them to succeed. Placing street-car stops by the casinos can actually cause more harm than good! Why? Because the “shoppers” will board the streetcar stop (because it’s the closest open slot) and be shuttled to a shopping district instead.

Check out everything he has to say in the forum post on the issue. It’s well-worth the read if you’ve been wondering if something is up with your sims’ behavior in SimCity.

Population Size = Myth?

Are your population levels really what they seem? Some users have reported an alarming discovery when they build and delete housing. Specifically, that population numbers either jump or crash in larger numbers than the housing in question actually holds.

This is not the case in smaller homes, but high density housing is where things get tricky. Despite only housing 600 sims, building high density housing increases city population by 5200. Destroying those same buildings detracts that same number from your population, proving that this isn’t some sort of coincidence.

Check out the posts on the official EA Forums to see other players’ tests with SimCity population numbers.

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