SimCity Players To Be Given Free Game For Their Trouble

Players who have bought SimCity should be getting an email offering a free game as an apology for the server problems.

If you haven’t heard of the debacle that has been SimCity’s launch, then you’ve probably not been reading much gaming news lately.  The continuing issues have been improving for some and remaining for others, with EA continually assuring players that they are working around the clock to correct the servers issues, and have been for the near-week since the initial U.S. release went live.

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Now the company has also decided to offer an olive branch to frustrated customers in the form of a gift (or bribe, depending on your perspective).  Anyone with the game purchased and activated on Origin as of March 18 will receive an email from EA giving them instructions on how to redeem their free game.

While it wasn’t specified exactly, the implication is that it is a game of the player’s choice, not simply a specific game EA doesn’t mind throwing to the SimCity crowd.  If you’ve got the game and are considering whether or not it was worth the money, keep the offer in mind.

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