After many requests from fans, EA has added toddlers to The Sims 4.

Sims 4 Update Adds Toddlers to the Mix

After many requests from fans, EA has added toddlers to The Sims 4.
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Released over two years ago, The Sims 4 has entertained the minds of countless gamers everywhere. And now is the perfect time to dive back in with the new toddler update.

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Experience your parental fantasies as you take care of your very own toddler. Teach him or her new skills through flash cards, build your very own dance party, or just have the little one by your side as you go throughout your Sim’s day. 

The Sims 4 originally felt empty at launch, lacking content that previous entries contained. Now with the combination of free updates and expansion packs, The Sims 4 feels more complete than ever. With the Vampires Game Pack coming out on January 24th and the toddler update out today, you have much to experience in The Sims 4. Hopefully EA continues this trend in providing continuous support to games like The Sims 4 while creating new content. 

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