Skull and Bones Closed Beta for PC Only

Skull and Bones Closed Beta will not include console platforms.

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Another blow has hit the Ubisoft pirate game Skull and Bones with a leak that was then confirmed that the closed beta announced during Summer Game Fest is only for PC. Expectant fans of the game were able to register for the closed beta across all platforms. The beta is set for August 25 through 28 with a focus on naval combat and multiplayer mechanics.

After multiple release date delays, development setbacks, and a dwindling fan base, Skull and Bones appeared with a new trailer during Ubisoft Forward. Announcing a Closed Beta occurring at the end of August to ensure the highest quality game for the community, there was no mentioning of it being for PC only.

First reported by Insider Gaming, play testers in the Skull and Bones Discord were the ones to bring this issue to light. Game developers confirmed in the Discord later that the Closed Beta is PC only and was never intended to include consoles, contrary to fans being able to register for a console platform.

This latest snafu is just one in a series of setbacks. Skull and Bones was originally designed as an expansion for Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. Announced in 2017 as a standalone game with a 2018 release window, the game’s release has been pushed by six times. Interested players have voiced their frustrations, from not being able to participate in playtests they signed up years ago for, to not even being able to play the game during a playtest due to issues.

The developer who confirmed the PC only closed beta further noted the registration will be updated and a clarification note added about the beta being PC only, but it may take time as people recover from Ubisoft Forward. We’ll have to wait and see if the updates occur as Skull and Bones is still listed for pre-order with a release date for Spring 2023 on the Ubisoft website.

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