Skyrim Legendary Edition and 1,100+ Page Guide Out Now!

Get your copy of the Skyrim Legendary Edition and the HUGE game guide with tons of new content today!

Are you the type of gamer that likes to get their hands on every ounce of content for games? If you are, then sit down, put a helmet on, and prepare yourself for the Legendary Edition of Skyrim and its HUGE new game guide. This duo (sold separately) includes every expansion and every single drop of information you need to have to explore the entire game.

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Just take a look at this infographic by Primagames

This monster received a sweet new redesign and a hefty amount of added content. This final version of the game guide will be a must have for those of us that like the convenience of use for our monthly Skyrim binges!

Are you getting a copy for yourself? I know I am! Let us know or even take a picture of it for us in the comments!

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