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Skyrim Players Still Want Sexy Armor for Male Characters

A Skyrim player proves the desire for sexier male armor still exists over a decade later.

Gaming cosmetics are tricky, especially when it comes to armor. Woman characters are often oversexualized, while men are typically outfitted in proper, protective armor. When it comes to RPGs like Skyrim, there’s more flexibility since players aren’t locked into one selection. And, funnily enough, a large chunk of the playerbase is still fantasizing about more revealing armor options for the men of Skyrim.

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Skyrim Player Calls Out Bethesda for Lacking Sexy Male Armor

Female and male Vampire Armor side by side in Skyrim
Image by GameSkinny via Official Skyrim Wiki images

Reddit user ThoseAreNiceShoes jokingly called out Bethesda for the stark difference between the male and female Vampire Armor, specifically the lack of chest cutouts on the male version. It might seem ridiculous to some, but the desire for sexier male armor extends back to Skyrim‘s early days.

There’s no shortage of Steam Discussions and Reddit threads dedicated to the topic. While the majority of them are centered on female armor, the demand for similar-looking male armor lurks in the background. As a commentator pointed out in the above Reddit thread, Baldur’s Gate 3 fulfilled this desire by offering more skin-showing options for male characters.

While ThoseAreNiceShoe’s Reddit posting is more of a meme than a true call to action, it succeeds at spotlighting just how different male and female versions of the same armor can be in games. Ideally, armor should look protective and unpenetrable. However, if female characters get to don sexier outfits, then it only seems fair male characters should be able to, too.

Skyrim Mods and Creation Club Content for Sexier Male Armor

When it comes to sexier male armor, modders and creators have succeeded where Bethesda has failed. Search Nexus Mods’ Skyrim hub for a multitude of mods. However, one of the most popular and frequently recommended “hot male armor sets” exists within the Saints and Seducer’s Creation Club add-on. Check out our guide for how to get Dark Seducer armor here.

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