Small World 2 on Kickstarter

Want to play Small World on your Android tablet or PC? Want new races, new special powers, and additional multiplayer options on your iPad edition? Back this now!

Last week, Days of Wonder relaunched their campaign on Kickstarter for Small World 2. The campaign’s main thrust is to fund development of digital versions for Android and Steam on PC, but there are rewards available for non-digital fans and iPad players as well. For the Kickstarter aficionados, there’s no need to rush out and fund this – it’s already met it’s funding goal. If you’re a big fan of Small World, though, there are some great rewards to be had and if they meet certain stretch goals, there are two additional expansions.

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Small World was originally released in 2009 to a great deal of fanfare. It’s a fun game with a lot of whimsical touches. The unique combinations of races and special powers means an almost infinite replay value, and the mechanics are sure to leave fellow players laughing even as they scheme your ruin.

The team at Days of Wonder (the creators of Small World) developed the Small World iPad edition in-house and released it on the same day the original iPad debuted in 2010. While this Kickstarter is essentially meant to fund the development of digital versions for both Android and Steam, there are also updates to the iPad and board game versions as well.

The new digital versions will include multiplayer modes for up to 5 players, as well as several new multiplayer modes like pass ’n play, local play, and a turn-based asynchronous online mode. There will also be new races and special powers for both the digital and board game version.

Rewards include:

  • For existing owners of the iPad game, you can unlock the new races and special powers for only $8.
  • For $15, you can get a copy of the game on the platform of your choice along with the three new races and special powers.
  • At the $40 level, you will get a larger 6-player cardboard map with additional tokens along with the less expensive digital rewards.
  • For $60, you can also pick up “The Small World Pocket Encyclopedia, a 110x140mm hard cover notebook filled with 84+ full-color pages of concept art, illustrations, strategic advice and trivia surrounding the denizens of Small World.”
  • For a whopping $320, you can secure a Designer Edition with beautifully crafted wooden tokens, illustrated boxes for each race, metal coins, and custom resin miniatures in a beautiful wooden box complete with an engraved plaque with your name on it.

While the $320 Designer Edition is out of my budget, for the right people that’s a fantastic reward. Here’s hoping they’re able to get one or two of the additional expansions funded from their stretch goals.

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