Smite World Championship Day 2: Semi-Finals

Both Cognitive Prime and Titan are moving on to the finals tomorrow after two amazing matches against their regional counterparts, Cognitive Red and SK Gaming.
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After the first and second round of eliminations, four teams faced off this afternoon at the Smite World Championship in Atlanta, Georgia. Both teams from the North American and European regions remained, and both had to face their regional partners in the semi-finals. 

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The first match of the day was between Titan and SK Gaming, both from the European region.

Titan has had an incredible story, coming from the amateur ranking to the Wildcard tournament, beating out SK to secure the number one position in their region. On the other hand, SK Gaming has had a longer professional career, and with that has built up a dedicated fanbase. We’ve seen plenty of SK fans at the SWC, despite the fact that it’s taking place in North America. 

Game One

Both teams appeared well-matched at the beginning of the first game, without a kill for ten minutes. Titan managed to strike with first blood, breaking out into a team fight that ended in a 4-2 lead for Titan. The game continued to stay even, with Titan putting the pressure on SK, staying 2-3 kills ahead until the 30 minute mark, when Titan defeated the Gold Fury and Fire Giant. With the added buff, experience, and gold, Titan went for the enemy Phoenixes and managed to take out SK’s entire team in the process, with a 21-14 score. Titan defeated the Fire Giant one more time and went for the enemy Titan, securing the first win. 

Game Two

The second game between Titan and SK started off slow, but Titan secured the first kill a little under 6 minutes in. Titan nabs another 3 kills by the 12-minute mark, SK struggling to comeback. At the 17-minute mark, SK manages to take down three members of Titan, but they can’t secure the Gold Fury.

Building off their momentum, Titan kills four of SK’s players, pushing ahead at the 20-minute mark with the score 14-7 Titan. After 30 minutes, there are 3 members of SK left and Titan makes their final push to the enemy Phoenixes. Titan defeats the enemy Titan and secures a spot in the finals with a chance at $1.3 million. 

The second match up is between North America sister teams, Cognitive Prime and Cognitive Red.

Cognitive Prime is a veteran team on the professional circuit, and definitely a crowd favorite at the SWC’s. Cognitive Red are the youngest team, but managed to secure the first place seed for North America. This match-up was definitely anyone’s game.

Game One

The first game between Cog Prime and Cog Red kicks off with Prime taking the first kill against Red early on, at the 1-minute mark. The first big team fight ends with a tie of 4-4 at the 6-minute mark. Cog Red manages to grab the first Gold Fury, but it’s a risky play, and they lose three players to Prime. Red leads in gold, but is behind in experience, with the kill score at 10-7 for Prime. After 10 minutes of Prime leading, Red manages to tie up the score 14-14 at the 27-minute mark. It’s a close match, but Red takes control of the map by wiping out the entire Prime team. They push ahead and defeat Prime’s Titan to win the first match. 

Game Two

The second game starts off with first blood going to Cognitive Red, but Prime really takes control of the map early on and dominates. By the 24-minute mark, Prime is ahead 23-12 in kills and has almost complete map coverage. Prime moves on to Red’s Phoenixes and pushes to their Titan, but Red turns the tables and manages to squeeze them out before their Titan falls. Cognitive Red pushes back, taking out 4 of Prime’s players at the 27-minute mark. Red takes out the Fire Giant while Prime grabs another Gold Fury defeat. Prime goes after the weakened enemy Titan again at the 40-minute mark and takes it down to win the game, tying the match 1-1. This game is the longest in the Championship so far. 

Game 3

The last game between Cognitive Red and Cognitive Prime kicks off with Red grabbing first blood after the first minute. Both teams stay pretty even during the first ten minutes, but Prime dominates in the first team fight and takes the first Gold Fury to give them the lead in gold and experience. After this first boost, Prime really takes control of the map and they land a quick victory, defeating Red’s Titan after 27 minutes. Cognitive Prime is victorious against their sister team and will be taking on Titan during tomorrow’s finals. 

Day two of the Smite World Championship has come to an end, but the excitment is far from over.

We’ll be covering the finals and consolation matches, as well as the cosplay contest finals tomorrow, so stay tuned to GameSkinny for all the 2015 Smite World Championship updates. If you’re not at the SWC, here’s how to watch the finals live tomorrow!


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