SNK Playmore announces The Last Blade 2 for PS4 & PSVita

SNK Playmore will release The Last Blade 2 on May 24 for the PS4 and PSVita. It also will feature cross buy and cross save support
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SNK Playmore recently announced via the PlayStation Blog that they will release their port of arcade game The Last Blade 2 on May 24. The game will be available for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The port will be handled by developer Code Mystics, and will feature pixel perfect emulation.

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The Last Blade 2 was released originally for arcades in 1998. The series takes place towards the final years of Japan’s Edo period and focuses on the battle between mythological creatures. During these turbulent times, evil spirits are scheming to free themselves from the underworld to be reborn into the world, and heroes are posed to stop them.

Last Blade 2’s  gameplay is split between speed, power, and/or extreme mode for your swordsman. Power mode will feature straightforward attacks, while speedmode relies on executing longer combos. Extreme mode essentially allows you use the strongest attacks and super combos available to your character.

The port will feature the cross-buy support and cross-save support. Purchasing the game on either console will allow you to play it on both, and you will be able to share your save date between both consoles. Online multiplayer will also allow you to play against others from either console. The Last Blade 2 themes will available for purchase on launch day as well.

With 18 characters to chose and various fighting styles available, get ready to clash in the Japan of old.

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