Is there a new open-world Harry Potter game in the works? A video leaked early this morning has everyone speculating.

So What’s Up With This Harry Potter Game We’re All Hearing About?

Is there a new open-world Harry Potter game in the works? A video leaked early this morning has everyone speculating.
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If you’re like me, you looked at Twitter or your newsfeed this morning and saw at least one tweet or post about a new Harry Potter game. But instead of it being the long sought after Quidditch sports game we all know needs to happen, it was news about a previously unknown Harry Potter RPG. 

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Cue the hype music … 

But what is the deal with this thing? Is there really going to be a new Harry Potter game?

As of this writing, we honestly don’t know. There hasn’t been any confirmation the game exists in any form. However, it hasn’t been denied either. 

What we do know is that a Reddit user known as u/VapeThisBro posted a video of something that does look very much like a game set in Hogwarts and the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

The full story of how this user was allegedly offered a chance to watch the trailer as part of a focus group can be seen in the Reddit thread posted above. 

However, the TL:DR is that was reportedly a random occurance where someone walked up to VapeThisBro in an undisclosed mall and asked if he’d want to participate in a focus study for a new game.

VapeThisBro did note that there were signs telling him he wasn’t supposed to bring in his phone, but no one bothered to check him, so he did it anyway.

We also know that Warner Bros. had the video pulled from YouTube pretty quickly, so that may be another clue to this mystery.

This… might be an indication that there is an open world Harry Potter game in the works. On the other hand, it could mean that Warner is just being really miserly about HP related fan-work.

That said, we do have one other clue — thanks to the Verge author Jon Porter, who dug back about a year and a half in NeoGaf posts to find information on a Warner Bros. Games job listing. At the time, the company was looking for a senior writer for the Avalanche Story department (a software company owned by Warner). 

The listing wanted a storyteller with a “deep understanding of British culture and grammatical presentation” who could “provide British authenticity to the tone of the project”. 

The post on the forum was speculative, so let’s get that out of the way.

However, the poster did make some very solid points. Since it was pointed out that Warner generally publishes games based on their IPs and Avalanche generally makes games based on popular IPs, Harry Potter would be a logical fit.

So, what did the video actually show?

Mostly a bunch of short clips showing off the environment, character creation — which looked pretty solid — creatures, and a bit of story. You can see clips of a few of these (borrowed from the Verge) in this post. There are a few more on their site if you’d like to check them out.

As of right now, that’s all we know about this Harry Potter rumor. Be sure to check back as we’ll update this article when we find out more information. 

Would you want to see a Harry Potter RPG? What do you think of the rumor? Let us know in the comments below. 

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