Soda Drinker Pro is bringing FPS (First Person Soda) to PAX East

The new Soda Drinker Pro to be released April 14th.

The new Soda Drinker Pro to be released April 14th.

Soda Drinker Pro is the only game that literally turns your game to soda. An original FPS (First Person Soda), this game is now available on Xbox One and Steam. It features a bunch of crazy interactive worlds for you to navigate. That is — if you can navigate them. Definitely out of the ordinary, this action drink simulator will also be one of the many games featured at PAX East this year. 

Soda Drink Pro designed to put you in the mindset of a soda lover, experiencing all of soda’s wild, crazy, wonderfulness. Their goal is to have you drink so much soda that your world becomes made of the stuff! You can bet that this will lead to some very different gameplay scenarios, like the one below. 

For those that attend PAX East, Brierly, the creator of the game, has decided not only to feature the game, but also to provide the public with their own “Bonus Sodas” to find in the game. This soda will be made available to the public after PAX East, so that players can freely enjoy it during their very real simulation gameplay.

There are also Soda Drinker Pro shirts are up for grabs on the official website.              


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