Some Very Recent Screenshots of the Upcoming Game Grim Dawn!

Check out these new screens of Grim Dawn provided by the developers at Crate Entertainment! The release is drawing ever nearer!

From what I can tell here we see the character selection screen. The character in question resembles a hybrid soldier class that was featured in a previous gameplay video showcasing the game's combat mechanics.

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This is very similar to the previous slide with a different, rogue/ranger looking character. As we can see from the upper right hand menu allowing you to pick between single player, multiplayer, etc. it has a very Titan Quest design and feel which I LOVE!

I love how these developers have kept a great deal of the same UI style making it feel still like Titan Quest, but with a unique twist.

I'm very happy to see that the monsters in this game have gotten an update. Although there was a decent amount of monster diversity in the Titan Quest series, the models did not feel incredibly threatening until they started to attack. With these new models, the impending threats of large spined creatures become far more apparent even before entering combat.

I love that they have kept the chaotic look to combat. This was a highlight in Titan Quest as the player was often at the edge of their seat trying to stay alive despite the immense amount of damage being taken both magical and physical. It made the game interesting and challenging, which meant keeping yourself alive was far more rewarding.

Although we have seen quite a bit of the swamp and ruinous forest settings, something tells me that there is going to be massively different scenes between the common 'act' changes. I imagine that the developers are going to be working very hard to recapture the diversity that was displayed in Titan Quest.

I really cannot wait for this game. In my opinion, this is my most anticipated game of 2013. A lot of people agree, but I can't deny what's inside!

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