Something’s Going on With the Crysis Twitter Account, Data Inbound

The Crysis Twitter account is back online, carrying with it a very cryptic message.

The Crysis Twitter account is back online, carrying with it a very cryptic message.
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Update: 4/16/20: Crytek has officially unveiled Crysis Remastered. You can read the full story here

Original Story:

Pulling a Cyberpunk 2077, the official Crysis Twitter account came to life earlier today after nearly three and a half years of total silence. The tweet simply says, “Receiving Data,” teeing up what might be an impending bit of news surrounding the highly-popular FPS franchise. 

As of this writing, there’s no word on what that news might be, either from Crytek or Electronic Arts. Aside from a decade-in-review video shared on March 24 by Cryengine and retweeted by Crytek, there are currently no recent direct mentions of anything Crysis related on the Crytek, EA, or Cryengine Twitter accounts. 

Is the impending data drop news of a brand-new entry in the franchise for the PS5 and Xbox Series X? Will it be a reboot or a remaster of CrysisCrysis 2, or even Crysis 3 for current-gen and/or next-gen systems? As of now, no one knows for sure, but that hasn’t kept the Twitterverse from speculating. As Pixelbuster points out, Crysis takes place in 2020 — August 7, to be exact. 

Now would be the perfect time to get fans — and the media — hyped for an impending release. 

Also, as pointed out by PC Gamer, the aforementioned Crytek decade-in-review video also contained “a brief clip of what appears to be remastered Crysis gameplay,” and that the website was updated earlier this month with a pic of Nomad, though code contained “April Fool.”

Crysis 3 was the last game in the Crysis franchise, and it released way back in 2013 on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox One. From the outset, the Crysis franchise has been one of the primary — if not the primary — benchmarks for PC power, spawning the eponymous phrase, “But Can It Run Crysis?”.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more on the Crysis franchise as we learn more. 

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