Sonic Boom Blasts Off!

I have fond memories of the Sonic Boom as the theme song of Sonic CD. However...

The latest trailer for the newest Sonic game! After Lost Worlds and Sonic Generations, Sonic Team’s promise of “no more bad games” has been kept well.

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After this trailer though, Sonic Team appears to push the envelope again. A heavily “stylized” representation of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy appear before us in some strange ancient jungle with interesting ruins inside of it. Glimpses of gameplay show a potential mix of Sonic Heroes (multiple characters at once) with aspects of Sonic Adventure 2 (each character has their own style of levels).

In addition to this new game, Sonic Boom is also having a TV series made after it, which has a trailer you can view here. The show itself reminds me a lot of the 1990s Sonic cartoon when it comes to Eggman and Sonic’s interactions, while also using the new character personalities of the more modern games.

“Cautious optimism” is the term I’ll throw at this game. Maybe the new character designs are showing that Sonic Team is comfortable with branching out again. Sonic Boom might be a cool take on an old series, a lot like the future Zelda Hyrule Warriors is also hoping to be. I hate to hate on a game before playing it, but the Sonic Team makes it hard to trust them sometimes. We’ll see what they have for us. Sonic Boom could be either really cool or a horrible reversion back to the days of Sonic 06.

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