Sonic Mania Requires Internet Connection on Steam

Sonic Mania is off-limits when offline.

Sonic Mania is off-limits when offline.

It was all going so well for Sonic Mania publisher Sega. After being hailed as the first universally well-received Sonic game since the 90’s, fans of the game have found a huge problem with the Steam version.

Within the download file is Denuvo Anti-Tamper Technology, which prevents players accessing Sonic Mania whilst in offline mode. It’s easy to see why this would anger a paying customer who can’t access a game they purchased. 

This isn’t the only issue people have with Denuvo. Although the software company has denied it previously, it’s possible that the program could damage your hard drive due to the constant encryption and decryption — and it may reduce the overall lifespan of solid state hard-drives.

Between these issues and the announcement that there are “no current plans” to add support for Steam Workshop to Sonic Mania, many players are refunding the title in protest until a version with no DRM (Digital Rights Management) is released.

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