Sonic Runners, the mobile game, will be shutting down.

Sonic Runners Shutting Down

Sonic Runners, the mobile game, will be shutting down.

In 2014, the Sonic Team prepared to release a mobile game called Sonic Runners. Sonic Runners was a 2D gameplay, where players had to tap their screen to jump. The game was released on February 25th, 2015 on iOS and Android phones in Japan and Canada. A full worldwide launch occurred on July 25th, 2015. However, the game failed to meet SEGA’s expectations and it was announced that they would be shutting down the game on July 27th.

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SEGA announced the closure schedule. On May 27th 9 am Red Star Ring sales ended. Any of these Red Star Rings purchased prior to May 27th at 9 am will no longer be useable or redeemable after the closure of service. Use all the purchased rings by July 27th 9 am. The team also thanked everyone for playing Sonic Runners.


The game was in over a year after it’s launched. It’s a clear sign that SEGA hopped the game would be receipted better. It will be a long time before they attempt another mobile game.

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