Sonic Wearing Link’s Tunic Freaks Me Out

New Lost World DLC has Sonic raiding Link's closet.

Yesterday Nintendo released a trailer for the upcoming Sonic: Lost World DLC level. What makes this one special is that this new “zone” takes place in the Legend of Zelda universe, complete with Sonic wearing Link’s traditional green tunic. In the trailer you can see Sonic speeding through recognizable locations fighting everything from Keese to Stalchildren, but something about Sonic running around in Link’s garb leaves me unsettled.

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I know this isn’t Sonic’s first romp through a Nintendo game. Sonic and Mario have been dueling it out in everything from the Olympics to Smash Brothers in recent years. This isn’t even the first DLC for Lost Worlds that’s a Nintendo crossover; Yoshi’s Island gets that honor. Still, in those games Sonic never wore their clothes. As a child of the 16-bit console wars, seeing Sonic actually wearing Link’s clothes feels so wrong. It would be like seeing Wario cosplaying as Dr. Ivo Robotnik.

Anyway, the “Legend of Zelda Zone” DLC is available today for the low price of free. Unfortunately for 3DS owners, this DLC is Wii U exclusive.

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