Sons of the Forest is off to an incredible start, hitting a player count of more than 400,000.

Sons of the Forest Player Count Hits 400K+ in Less Than 48 Hours

Sons of the Forest is off to an incredible start, hitting a player count of more than 400,000.

The long-anticipated Sons of the Forest has finally entered early access on Steam and it’s already off to an incredible start. As reported by SteamDB and Steam Charts, the game has hit a peak player count of 411,804 players less than 48 hours after release, and it’s currently in the Top 5 most-played Steam games right now.

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This is considerably more than the all-time peak of its predecessor, The Forest, which only ever managed to hit around 76K. It’s also more than double that of the comparable game Raft, which entered 1.0 release last year and rocketed up the charts to about 100K concurrent players.

What does this mean for Sons of the Forest? Well, apart from having a wave of interest flooding over it and the sheer amount of players actually crashing Steam, it stands to reason that developer Endnight Games has a certified hit on its hands. The Forest became one of the most talked about survival titles back in 2014, but a plethora of other games have since risen up and stolen its crown. There was every chance that Sons of the Forest would be a dud.

The larger player count could also be down to how much more ubiquitous streaming is in the modern era. The Forest launched at a time when Twitch was still relatively niche, even if both Sony and Microsoft’s then-latest consoles supported out-of-the-box Twitch functionality. Almost a decade later, we’ve seen the rise of influencers and esports teams and even the creation and dismantling of competing platforms (RIP Mixer).

As of the time of writing, Sons of the Forest is rocking 589K viewers on Twitch. That puts it currently at the number one most viewed thing on the platform, surpassing the nebulous “Just Chatting” category and juggernauts such as Valorant, Fortnite, and League of Legends. That’s kind of ludicrous for a game most people have likely never heard of.

While the game likely won’t topple giants like Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveDOTA 2, or PUBG on Steam when it comes to top records, the fact that it is ever encroaching on those games on Steam’s player charts is really impressive. Whether or not this popularity can be maintained is the real question, but Sons of the Forest is certainly coming out all guns blazing.

Featured image via Endnight Games.

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