Sony Announces a New, Thinner, Lighter and Brighter Vita

Sony's perky handheld just touched the rainbow!

Sony's perky handheld just touched the rainbow!
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Today at Sony Japan’s Pre Tokyo Game Show conference the Japanese giant announced that they have a new vita model in the works!

According to the company’s press release the new Vita will be available in Japan on October 10th retailing for ¥18,980.

The new model comes in 6 different colours including: pink, yellow, grey, white, brown and black! 

colour vita

The new Vita  model PCH-2000 series is 20% thinner and 15% lighter than the original Vita will have increased battery life, 1 GB of internal storage and an LCD screen instead of the current model’s OLED.

Also announced was a 64 GB Vita memory card and a new device called the Playstation Vita TV. The Playstation Vita TV will let gamers play Vita games on their televisions and that will be available in Japan starting in November. 

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like Sony has seen fit to remove the 100 game and application limit of the Vita–the Vita TV functionality should have just been introduced with the PS4, if you ask me.

No word yet when or if the PCH-2000 series or Playstation Vita TV will be available outside of Japan.

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