Sony Compares PlayStation Now Subscriptions To Netflix

How much will PlayStation Now cost? Well, how much does Netflix cost?

Sony recently unveiled the new PlayStation streaming service that is set to debut this summer.  It’s a promising digital feature but most gamers just want to know:

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“How much will it cost?”

Well, according to a new PlayStation Access video, Sony says those familiar with the Netflix streaming service will know what to expect.  Basically, prospective Now members will see Netflx-like subscription packages when PS Now arrives.

Netflix currently charges $8/month, and that allows users to stream video content to two screens simultaneously.  For $12/month, you can stream content to four screens.  For the time being, we don’t know if PlayStation Now will support multiple-screen streaming, but here’s hoping it will. Also, don’t forget that games within the Now service will be “fully featured,” in that you can save your game, earn Trophies, and play online.

Will gamers ante up?

For the record, PS Now will be an additional cost on top of PlayStation Plus, the service required to play games online with the PS4.  Plus costs $50/year, so will gamers be willing to throw in a little extra cash on a monthly basis to rent games through Now? Many consumers weren’t too happy to learn that Plus would essentially be a requirement in the new generation; perhaps they’re not overly eager to pay for yet another digital-based service.

Personally, I still like the idea of buying something and owning it. Digital is not tangible and that has always bugged me.

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