Sony confirms: Playstation 4K is REAL! But it won’t be at E3.

Playstation 4K has been confirmed, but why won't it be at E3?

Playstation 4K has been confirmed, but why won't it be at E3?

After months of speculation coming out about an upgraded version of the PlayStation 4, it was assumed we would see an official announcement of the upgrade at this year’s E3. Turns out, we were wrong.

President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Andrew House confirmed to Financial Times that a high-end version of the PS4 is indeed coming. But they aren’t showing it at E3.

This new version will support Ultra High-Definition and will have 4K capabilities. When asked about the price, House mentioned that it will be more expensive than the $350 PS4 that is available now. This new PS4 will not replace the current version, but will complement it.

House also emphasized that the PS4K will NOT be at this year’s E3 — but he didn’t mention when we will get our first look at it. Sony might be saving the reveal of the PS4K for GamesCom in August, or maybe Sony will hold their own conference later in the year to showcase the console’s compatibility with the upcoming PSVR that is due to be released in November 2016. 

(But if you want to see what Sony does have planned for E3, you’re in luck. Their presentation schedule was leaked earlier today.)

With the PS4 being the highest selling console of this generation, Sony might want to keep the strong sales going and announce the console soon so it will be ready for the public for the holidays.

What do you think? Do we really need the PS4K? Are you willing to shell out more than $350 for a console that supports 4K when most households don’t even have a 4K television? Is it too soon for an updated console since the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were released only 3 years ago? Let us know in the comments what you think of this updated console and whether you plan on buying one when it’s released. 

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