Sony Offering Free PlayStation Plus Service This Weekend

Sony is giving players PlayStation Plus for free for only this weekend. A great chance to try out the service without having to lock into a full year subscription.
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Everything is better when it’s free.

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Lucky enough for all PlayStation 4 owners, starting at 12:01 AM PDT this Friday September 26th through 11:59 PM PDT Sunday September 28th online multiplayer for all PlayStation 4 games will be free as part of a special promotion. Sony announced the promotion via their PlayStation Blog this past Monday.

Gamers will get a chance to try out Sony’s PlayStation Plus service which is usually $50 for a year package. This gives owners of recent releases such as Destiny, Madden NFL 15, FIFA 15 and Diablo III a chance to try out their popular multiplayer features.

The best news for PlayStation 4 owners who don’t have a PlayStation Plus subscription is that online play isn’t the only component of the service. PlayStation Plus also features free games every month, as well as discounts on digital content that is released periodically.

The cherry on top is that your PlayStation Plus subscription works across the PlayStation 4, PlayStation3, and PlayStation Vita.

Other features of PlayStation Plus can be found at the official site here.

The method to obtaining the free service is simple enough, just log on and start a game and you’re good to go. Enjoy!

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