Sony PSP Discontinued

Sony has announced that their portable gaming device, PSP, will be discontinued worldwide this year.
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Sony has announced that its first portable gaming device, the PlayStation Portable (PSP), will no longer be produced and shipped.  

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The PSP went on sale December of 2004.  It was the first of its kind, the first region-free console, and the only device to use the Universal Media Disc (UMD), an optical disc format, as its storage medium.  Its large screen and multimedia options made it popular as well as its ability to connect with other PlayStation devices like the PS2, PS3, and other PSPs via an internet connection.  The PSP was the first successful handheld device that focused on power, a contributing factor to its popularity. 

The Japanese company announced that they will end the shipments of the device this month in Japan and later on this year throughout Europe.  This follows the already discontinued shipments throughout North America.

Despite its popularity, many complained about the low battery life and the device began to lose its following when the PlayStation Vita was released in 2011.  Sony has said that one of the reasonings for the PSP’s discontinuance is so that they may focus more its successor.  

However, after reporting a $1.3 billion loss for the last fiscal year and an expectation to have a loss again this year, it seems like there is more behind the ending of the PSP legacy.  Sony has also faced a great competition from their rival, the Nintendo 3DS.

After last week’s announcements of the closing of EA MMO developer Mythic Entertainment, as well as the gaming magazine CVG, it appears that the video game industry is in trouble.

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