Sony Stock Dips Following PS4 Event

Sony stock drops 2.63 percent post-PS4 event.

Sony stock drops 2.63 percent post-PS4 event.

If you thought last night’s PS4 event would boost Sony‘s stock, think again.

While not a complete nosedive, at the time of writing, shares are down 38 points —  2.63 percent

On one hand, this isn’t the abysmal crash that some suggest, but on the other hand, it sure as heck is. After such a huge announcement of such a potentially game changing new device, most of us, and undoubtedly Sony themselves expected to see some gains. So to see loss instead, no matter how slight is somewhat unsettling.

Could it have been the absence of a physical console? Probably. The continuing push of the flopped Vita? No doubt. Concerns about an as yet unrevealed, possibly too expensive price point? Yup.

Sony’s had a pretty junky time of it lately, so this is just the icing on the cake; perhaps the writing on the wall, at least for the traditional console generation as it stands. Or maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions. Maybe investors were just being smart with their money in the face of increased risk.

But if you are the gambling type, bookies are totally favoring Sony over Microsoft in the next-gen console wars.

So, there’s that, right?

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