Sony Teases a Playstation 4 Street Fighter Title

Street Fighter is coming to the Playstation 4... but in what form?
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Two things you should know about me: I love Street Fighter, and I love weird things. So when Sony released this Hadouken Cabs video this morning, my brain caught on fire!

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It all started with an email to vg247 that stated:

“Don’t just call a cab! Call Hadouken Cabs! Hadouken Cabs. Knocking the competition out since 1987.”

What followed was a bizarrely amazing video for a Hadouken Cabs service:

The video is packed with hidden messages that most Street Fighter fans will pick up on. The phone number for the service is 0830 1987-KO… the original Street Fighter came out on August 30th, 1987. The license plate of the cab is PS1994… the original Playstation launched in 1994 in Japan (US was in 1995). 

We already know that Ultra Street Fighter IV will be coming out on PS3, XBOX 360, and PC sometime early next year and many found the lack of a next gen announcement odd. There are a few frames in the video that show a Playstation 4 controller… so it’s obvious that Street Fighter will be coming to that console in some form.

It could mean that Ultra Street Fighter IV will be hitting Playstation 4 in time for the Japanese launch next year. We also know that starting last month, Street Fighter Producer Yoshinori Ono announced on Twitter that they are hiring staff for a new next-gen fighting game.

I find it a bit too early for them to announce Street Fighter V on Playstation 4… and Hadouken Cabs encourages you to use the hashtag #4theplayers… which would indicate Street Fighter IV. Still, with Microsoft having the Killer Instinct series locked down, having Sony get some form of exclusive Street Fighter game would be a shinkuu hadouken in the next-gen fight. 

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