Sony to Offer New PS3 Models

Sony making new Superslims, but not super-slimming the prices... yet.

Sony making new Superslims, but not super-slimming the prices... yet.

Recently, rumors were circulating when Sony applied for certification of two new models of the Playstation 3. The models CECH-4205B and CECH-4205C are rumored to be regionalized for Japan and South Korea respectively.

For all purposes, these new units appear to be modified versions of the “Super Slim” Playstation 3 models (like the CECH-4000 in the pic).

As for what the changes are:

  • Improved nanometer architecture (microscopic semi-conductor circuitry)
  • Less power consumption 
  • Improved cooling.

Just decreasing the architecture alone can lower power use and help keep temperature down. And with gaming consoles it is all about speed and heat.

But, don’t expect any new price breaks – soon anyway. Sony is so far sticking to their guns after E3. New PS3 units will NOT go down in price just because the PS4 is coming out.

And that may be their intended incentive to get gamers to buy a PS4. Since the starting price of the PS3 is still $249.00 and up versus the $399.99 sticker for the next-gen system.

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