Sony Trademarks “Gnomageddon”

New trademark by Sony titled "Gnomageddon"

New trademark by Sony titled "Gnomageddon"

Recently spotted by Gematsu, Sony has trademarked a new video game called “Gnomageddon”They filed for the patent on July 15th but not much is known about the game. With a title like “Gnomageddon” though one could assume that it’s a game about gnomes during the end of time. I dunno about you all but that seems rather interesting to me. 

According to the trademark documents, it will a game featuring some “real-time” elements but it doesn’t elaborate any further on what that might exactly include. There was also no concept art included with the documents so no one is sure what exactly the game might be. 

It’s also unclear whether this game will even be released or ever announced by Sony. Many game developers file patents for games that never make it to the light of day. So if possible hordes of gnomes fighting in a post-apocalyptic world at all intrigues you, then you may want to keep your eye on this title.

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