Sony Xperia Z3 Line to Feature PS4 Remote Play

Sony introduces its Z3 line of mobile products, which will be among the first to use the PS4 Remote Play.

Sony introduces its Z3 line of mobile products, which will be among the first to use the PS4 Remote Play.
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Sony has announced its latest lineup of Xperia mobile products today. The Sony Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact, and Z3 Tablets now join the PS Vita as devices that will work with the PS4 Remote Play, which will allow you to play your big-boy PS4 games on the small screen.

For now, this will only be limited to play within the same Wi-Fi network, so for most people, that means you will only be able to do this within your home (or office if you’re sneaky like that). While Sony mentioned that theoretically, this could be pushed out to the web so you can game on-the-go, they are probably playing it safe for now, so not to get tons of crap from people having bad experiences with it outside of their home network.

In order to game properly on these devices, Sony will also sell special mounts for the Dual Shock controllers that will basically hold the smartphones or tablets in place. 

For me, even though I can only be confined to play within the house, this might actually be a pretty good feature to have. I know I am not alone in saying that I play games while sitting on the can, but if I could continue playing when nature calls, this would be so much better than having to pause the game, run to the bathroom, while sitting on the can, anxious to get back to my game. I guess it would also be great to avoid fights with my wife over control over the TV. She can watch whatever it is that she watches, while I get to play in peace.

The only thing that I can see where it might be a bit difficult would be when the phone rings. I wonder if there would be a way to ignore all phone calls and notifications while gaming? 

So far, a release date has not been set yet, but Sony expects to ship some time in the fall.

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