Sony’s Twist of the Knife with Official PlayStation Used Game Tutorial

How to share PlayStation 4 games with friends. Remember to say thank you!

How to share PlayStation 4 games with friends. Remember to say thank you!
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“Falcon PUNCH!”

Sony’s holding nothing back in its continued E3 beatdown on Microsoft’s face.

With the console giants duking it out on the dance floor as the main event at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, both the PS4 and the Xbone have revealed an absolutely stunning array of new titles, triple A and indie alike. While I personally have been leaning towards the PS4 for ages and was almost completely won over at the words Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 (yeah, I have JRPG nerd roots that go down deep and can never be truly severed–also, since neither of those titles are exclusive, it may well simply be because I still have lingering loyalties), a friend of mine has been having a crisis over the announcement of Forza 5 for the Xbone. 

So nah, it’s not the titles that have Sony giving a cartoon five-combo finisher to Microsoft’s chiseled American jaw, it’s the attitude. Fans have rioted over Microsoft’s heavy-handed attempts to lay down the law on always-on capabilities, bundled Kinect systems, and, perhaps mostly importantly, stupid policies on used games. 

In serene contrast, Sony sounds like they’re enjoying the ringing success of their console’s used game and sharing policies… so much so, that they came out with this video:

How to share a game with friends for the PlayStation 4. Remember to say thank you!

And underneath it all… “Suck it, Microsoft.”

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