Soul Sacrifice Release Imminent – Sacrifice Yourself and your Friends for Power!

PS Vita co-op RPG hits stores this week

PS Vita co-op RPG hits stores this week
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While PS Vita game Soul Sacrifice hit stores in Japan in early March this year, it’s appearing in the rest of the world this week, hitting stores in North America on April 30, and Europe on May 1, with a demo version of the game being available worldwide on the April 17.


Soul Sacrifice is a PS Vita exclusive by Marvelous AQL and Japan Studio based on the premise of sacrificing finite parts of your own character (or friends’ characters!) to gain powerful new abilities. Soul Sacrifice is designed with co-op in mind, which makes for some interesting dynamics involving sacrificing your allies or healing them, both being beneficial in different ways.

Those in search of a co-op action RPG game for the PS Vita should definitely check it out!

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