SouthingtonSOS Bonfire Up in Smoke

SouthingtonSOS's plan to burn piles of violent video games in a bonfire is now canceled, with the group claiming logistical problems
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The SouthingtonSOS bonfire of violent video games has made news a couple of times recently.  First by its very existence, then as people began to speak out against it.

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Now it isn’t even going to happen.

Why not?

SouthingtonSOS has announced that they are not going to actually hold the bonfire.  “We succeeded in our program,” spokesman Dick Fortunato said.  “Our mission was to create strong awareness in Southington for parents and and families”.

The group stated that aside from having already achieved the increased awareness, there would have been logistical issues with accepting the games, though no further detail was given.

Safe, for now...

The original plan had been to exchange vouchers good for food or other sorts of family-friendly entertainment, such as a local water park, donated by a member of the Greater Southington Chamber of Commerce.  The discs were to be destroyed and then burned publicly.

Even without the bonfire, the group has said they still intend to honor the gift vouchers, and that they will be presenting them to families that had, “the violent video games conversation with their children.”  How SouthingtonSOS and the Greater Southington Chamber of Commerce intend to do this is still unsaid.


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