Space Cartoons? Void Destroyer II set for alpha release in Q2 2016

The iconic RTS/FPS hybrid Void Destroyer gets a colorful new brother.

Iteration 11, the indie developer who gave us Void Destroyer, has offered up a tentative release schedule for Void Destroyer II. According to the game’s Steam page, it’s due to release in alpha during the second quarter of 2016, with a full release planned for sometime in 2017.

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The Alpha demo was released on Steam on June 17th, but there was no mention of when the game might release until recently. Development has been slow, but does seem to be going forward as evidenced in the latest developer blog video.

With its distinctive cel-shaded graphics and bright sky box visuals, Void Destroyer 2 has garnered a few upraised brows and questions as to whether the game’s cartoon like graphics will appeal to gamers. The developer has no plans to remove the bright sky boxes, but says he will tone them down a bit before release.

The graphics may resemble Borderlands, but that is where the resemblance ends. The game plays more like a cross between the X series and Homeworld. Players will be able to command huge fleets of ships and have the capability to jump into the pilot seat of any of them at will. This lets players get into the middle of the action, but still have tactical control over the whole battle.  

Although the fleet combat action takes center stage, the game is at its heart a sandbox simulation. Players will start with a tiny ship and almost no money, but can work their way up to commanding entire fleets. They will be free to roam, trade, explore, and complete missions to their heart’s content. But the developer has also promised a story mode in the final release. 

Check out the demo on Steam and check out the developer’s website for more details. 

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