Space Engineers: Update 01.028

Update notes for early access game, Space Engineers.

Update notes for early access game, Space Engineers.

Space Engineers received another update this week to introduce some new features, modify some existing features, and of course fix the various bugs and problems that players have been experiencing. 

New Features
  • The addition of the large ship grinder adds the ability to quickly strip down large builds that would otherwise take too long to disassemble. Now you can create a large ship or platform to reclaim the parts off of that ship you no longer need.
  • The force of gyroscopes can now be modified in this latest version. If you’ve ever found that your small ships are turning too fast to allow for precise control, this feature is perfect. Simply lower the power of the gyro to reduce the turning speed.
  • The durability of glass blocks has been decreased to allow them to be more easily destroyed.
  • The button to pause the game is now configurable through the games options.
  • The speed at which silicon can be refined has been increased to be twice as fast as the previous rate.
  • The cost of building the large ship missile launcher has been increased. It’s now a little more costly to equip large ships with so much deadly firepower.


The Fixes
  • Fixed crashes that mostly occurred when Alt+tabbing whilst the game was running in full-screen
  • Fixed items with zero amount appearing
  • Fixed game hanging that caused by items with zero amount appearing
  • Fixed the thruster destroying blocks with 99% integrity left
  • Fixed music issues
  • Fixed turret animation on clients
  • Fixed invisible walls being left after grinding doors

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